Welcome to Epo’s Chronicles! We invite you to take a journey with us as we travel through space trying to figure out our origins and learn about the universe we live in.
Along the way, we will meet alien civilizations who will help us in our journey. We will even get to help them out with their own questions about the universe every once in a while.If you are new to Epo’s Chronicles and would like start reading our story from the beginning, here is a quick link to Eposode One. This site is not being updated at this time, but feel free to continue to explore the adventures of Epo and Alkina.


WritersKamal S. Prasad, Kevin John, Logan Hill.
IllustratorAurore Simonnet.
Spanish TranslationYilen Gómez Maqueo Chew.
French TranslationAurore Simonnet.
Italian Translation – Dr. Gloria Spandre.
Science Content AdvisorDr. Kevin McLin.
E/PO DirectorDr. Lynn Cominsky.
Website Design and MaintenanceKamal S. Prasad.

Past contributorsDiamante Rueda, Charles “Chip” McAuley.