Eposode 168: Send Out That Signal!

Comic Transcript

Panel 1
ALKINA: Let’s hope RIA is deployed successfully.
G’SWIGT: I have no doubt. My rockets are well tested.

Panel 2
[Space…RIA deploys]

Panel 3
[Rocket’s parachute deploys]
G’SWIGT: I register an event. Parachute has been deployed.

Panel 4
[Epo picks up signal]
ALKINA-NARATION: Good, that means RIA is sending the signal above the atmosphere now.

Panel 5
[Epo finds RIA in orbit]
ALKINA-NARATION: Now we just hope that Epo will, somewhere out there, notice the signal.

In human speak please!

While G’swigt’s planet’s atmosphere is slightly different from Earth’s, it absorbs some forms of electromagnetic radiation over others. Here on Earth, for example, our atmosphere does little to block the visual spectrum of light, radio waves, and some infrared and ultraviolet light, but it absorbs high energy electromagnetic radiation, like x-rays, far more efficiently.