Eposode 107: Tree growth patterns

Comic Transcript

Panel 1
Professor 2: Perhaps Epo can…
Epo: We have arrived at the telescope. The Professor should inquire about Wosec Godilhase.

Panel 2
Professor 2: Yes, yes, of course.
Alkina: Thank you.

Panel 3
[Professor 2 heads off to speak with a receptionist.]
Alkina: I sure hope this is not a wild goose chase.
Epo: We are not after wild geese. We want to find Wosec.

Panel 4
Alkina: That was just an expression. Anyway, do you have any data that shows that the rate of rise in this planet’s temperature is increasing?

Panel 5
Epo: Yes. Tree growth patterns indicate that rate of change in the planet’s temperature is accelerating. But there are bigger concerns.
[In the background.]
Professor 2 (emphasis): What do you mean, you cannot provide that information! I demand to speak to your supervisor!

Is that all?

Global warming may spur increased growth in Northwest forests – A news article on how temperature increases affect tree growth at different elevations.

Hey, where’s my science?

How can tree growth patterns indicate that a planet’s temperature might be increasing at a rapid pace? Consider the diagrams below.

Tree Growth

If the temperature increases at a constant rate, the growth of trees from one elevation to the next will remain constant. However, if the rate of temperature rise increases then tree growth will also be accelerated. Therefore it would be possible to approximate historical temperature increases by studying the growth patterns of trees.