Eposode 108: Tired at the top

Panel 1.
Receptionist: You can go talk to the boss if you want; he’s on the top level of the observatory…
[pointing towards tower]
Receptionist: And the elevator is broken.

Panel 2.
[climbing many flights of stairs]
Alkina: I certainly hope is worth all the effort.

Panel 3.
Epo: What effort?

Panel 4.
Professor 2: Its only 20 more stories…

Panel 5.
Supervisor: Can I help you?

Panel 6.
[Alkina and Professor 2 are out of breath.]
Professor 2: …records…
Supervisor: What?

Panel 7.
Epo: We are looking for records of an observer named Wosec Golidhase who may have been here recently.

Panel 8.
Supervisor: Oh, well I am not in the habit of releasing those records to every random talking sphere that comes along.