Eposode 122: Afterglow party!

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Wosec: Where did you get this spectrum anyway?
Epo: A trader named Beggrin Bartir.

Panel 2.
Wosec: Beggrin? Is he still trying to sell supernova insurance?
Alkina: I am not sure.

Panel 3.
Carl: What’s so important about this Sol system?
Epo: We think it’s where we are from.

Panel 4.
Wosec: Think? You mean you don’t know?
Alkina: We’ve been lost for a while now, it’s a long story.

Panel 5.
Wosec: Oh, I see.
Alkina: Well, we are very thankful for your help, but we should get going.
Carl: Are you sure you won’t stay for the afterglow party?

Panel 6.
Alkina: Will there be pie?

What does it mean?

Afterglow – In gamma-ray bursts, afterglows are the emissions seen after a GRB, which can be seen in X-rays, optical, and radio. Afterglows can last for days or even weeks.

Dude, where’s my science?

It appears Epo and Alkina are closer than ever to finally finding their way back to Earth! They now have the spectrum of our Sun, and have narrowed its position down to one of the smaller arms of the Milky Way. There are still tens of millions of stars for them to search through to find their way home, but that’s far less than the hundred billion stars in our Galaxy. Will Epo and Alkina ever find their way back home? Keep reading Epo’s Chronicles and find out!