Eposode 135: Ceyla finds a new home!

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Professor Haben: Yes, we are familiar with Rayne’s attitude towards female scientists. As it happens, I am in need of a research assistant.

Panel 2.
Alkina: Thank you Professor Haben. I am sure you will find Ceyla to be a smart, hardworking individual with a lot of enthusiasm for learning.

Panel 3.
Ceyla: Yes, Professor Haben, you will not be disappointed. I am so excited to be here!
Professor Haben: I am happy to hear that.

Panel 4.
Ceyla: Wow, getting a chance to work with you will be so awesome!
Professor Haben: I look forward to it as well.

Panel 5.
Professor Haben: Alkina, I will now transfer you to the port authority to allow you to dock.
Alkina: Thank you.

Panel 6.
[Professor Haben’s face is replaced by a dock worker.]
Dock worker: Hey, it’s you again! Welcome back!