Eposode 136: Alkina’s mission?

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Alkina (surprised): We have met before?
Dock worker: Hey, I know I am just a simple dock worker. But I thought you had a good time chatting with me last time you were here.

Panel 2.
Alkina: Sorry, I don’t remember. I had an accident. What was I doing here?
Dock worker: I am sorry to hear that. When we last talked, you were looking for an ancient artifact in a nearby star system.

Panel 3.
Alkina: How long ago was that?
Dock worker: Not too long ago. I will transfer the logs from your visit to your ship’s computer.

Panel 4.
Alkina: Thank you.
Ceyla: I guess you will off on your next adventure.

Panel 5.
Epo: The star system referred to in the logs is obscured by a lot of debris. It isn’t far but I am unable to scan that area for information. We will have to travel there if we want to find out more.

Panel 6.
Alkina: Well, Ceyla. Looks like this is where we say our goodbyes. I hope you find everything you were looking for and more on Shyne.
Ceyla: Thank you.

Hey, where’s my science?

As solar systems form, there is material that is left over that does not go into making stars, planets or moons. This material can end up making comets and asteroid that orbit a central star, approximately in the plane of the solar system. The debris field can obscure observations of objects if we happen to be looking at the solar system edge on. Epo and Alkina will have to visit the solar system if they want to solve the mystery of the artifact for which they were supposedly looking. What will they discover? Keep reading to find out.