Eposode 62: Epo and Alkina reunited!


Panel 1
Pirate: I can’t!
Scientist: I don’t want to hear that!

Panel 2
Pirate: The rogue AI has shut me out completely. It’s shutting down the ship.

Panel 3
Officer: We have caught up to them! Looks like they are stranded. Guards, get ready to board the ship.

Panel 4
Onboard Epo
Officer: You both are under arrest for hijacking this ship.

Panel 5
Alkina: Epo, are you okay?
Epo: Yes. But we have to talk. There is still an unwanted visitor in my system.

Officer: We can escort you to a safe zone away from the nebula.
Alkina: That would be wonderful. Thanks!

Hey, where’s my science?

In the past few episodes, we have talked about stellar formation, listing the most common types of stars that exist. However, these are only general categories for the many different types of stars that can be found in the universe. This Wikipedia article on stellar classification lists types of stars based on their temperature.