Eposode 63: Friend or foe?


Panel 1
Alkina: I don’t know Epo, I am not seeing any trace of this “unwanted visitor” in your system.
Epo: It’s unquestionably there; I have no record of overriding the pirate’s control of my systems myself.

Panel 2
Alkina: Perhaps the pirate’s control program just wasn’t that well written?
Epo: Unlikely. It was good enough to suppress my control systems completely.

Panel 3
Alkina: Wait, here is something… it looks like a reference to a subroutine I’ve never seen before.
Epo: This is not one of my subroutines.

Panel 4
Alkina: What do you think it is?
Epo: I can only speculate, but if it’s part of my original design then my designers did not want me to be able to access it.

Panel 5
Alkina: Well, I can’t access the subroutine either, but I can isolate it. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem anymore.
Epo: How can you be certain?

Panel 6
Alkina: Well, I suppose that only time will tell…

Hey, where’s my science?

Epo and Alkina have had trouble with a mysterious artificial intelligence in Epo’s systems before. Epo’s systems were attacked by a virus in Eposode 7, and in Eposode 22 there was a problem with Epo’s guidance system, and of course it helped to free Epo from the control of the pirates. Is this intelligence related to Epo and Alkina being lost in the Milky Way? Is it there to help or to hinder Epo and Alkina? Only by reading more of Epo’s Chronicles can you hope to find out!