Eposode155 Which Ship What Ship

Comic Transcript

Panel 1
[Alkina stands among wreckage, holding RIA, as G’swigt approaches]
G’SWIGT: Hello there, I’m G’swigt, this is my company’s space-testing range. Who are you and what are you doing here?
ALKINA: I’m Alkina. The ship I was on crashed.
RIA: Bzzzt, sputter, spurt

Panel 2
G’SWIGT: What are you doing now?
ALKINA: I need to find a way to communicate with my ship.
G’SWIGT: I thought it crashed.

Panel 3
ALKINA: Different ship.
G’SWIGT: Oh, okay. How did the different ship crash?

Panel 4
[Flashback to Epo flying away from the school bus ship]
ALKINA-NARATION: Well, it all started after we finished helping some stranded kids…
ALKINA: Mmm, time for pie.
EPO: Course adjustment made, new trajectory plotted for sector…

Panel 5
ALKINA: Epo, why did you alter course?
EPO: To avoid the ship in our way.
ALKINA: What ship?

Panel 6
EPO: The one in distress.
ALKINA: Another one, you’ve got to be kidding! Well, let’s see if we can help.
EPO: This will further delay our search for Earth.

Hey, where’s my science?

The past two episodes have been light on the science, so here are some videos of hobby rockets that have experienced a flight failure of one type or another.

Mid-air model rocket explosion from onboard video camera.

Crash and Burn! How NOT To Recover a 42 Foot Tall Half-Ton Rocket