Eposode 11: Trouble on the generation ship

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Captain Ishian: Report!
Intercom: There has been an explosion in the hydroponics bay

Panel 2.
Captain Ishian: How bad is it?
Beings: Give us a few minutes.

Panel 3.
Beings: It’s serious!
Captain Ishian: Can we fix it?

Panel 4.
Beings: We can patch it for a little while but it won’t last. Not this time.

Panel 5.
Captain Ishian: It is time we found that planet we have been looking for.

Panel 6.
Captain Ishain: Is that offer to help still open?

What does it mean?

Hydroponics – Growing plants with their roots suspended in a nutrient rich solution rather than soil.

Is that all?

Growing Salads for Long-Term Human Space Travel – NASA scientist, Ray Wheeler, studies growing plants using hydroponic techniques.