Eposode 125: Stowaway!

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Epo: It appears that the repairs you made were sufficient. I do not detect any drop in the level of the replacement fusaline.

Panel 2.
Alkina: That is good news. Hopefully, now we can finally make some headway in finding the location of Earth.

Panel 3.
Epo: Alkina, I detect unauthorized access to some my instruments in the science lab.
Alkina: Are you sure?

Panel 4.
Epo: Quite sure. I have no reason to joke.
Alkina: I thought you might be trying to develop a sense of humor.

Panel 5.
[Alkina opening a door marked “Science Lab.”]
Alkina: Hello? Is anyone in there?

Panel 6.
[A frightened, female looking at Alkina.]
Ceyla: Please don’t hurt me.

Hey, where’s my science?

Just when it seemed like Epo and Alkina were finally on their way to Earth, they find an intruder on board. What does she want? Are Epo and Alkina in danger? Will they ever find Earth? Keep reading Epo’s Chronicles to find out.