Eposode 23: Home sweet home

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Granddaughter: Grandpa!
Epo: Increasing altitude.

Panel 2.
Captian Ishian: That was close!
Granddaughter: What happened?
Epo: It seems an error appeared…

Panel 3.
Epo:…in my trajectory calculations
Alkina: How?
Epo: Unknown.

Panel 4.
Narrator: Later, the Yonadians take shuttles down to the planet.
Captian Ishian: It will take us a long time to build up our cities to what they once were.

In human speak please!

You may notice that the future that the Yonadian elder is imagining has houses that look similar to the shuttles that they use travel to and from the generation ship.

Any generation ship that is built will have to be as efficient as possible. This means that the more functions a component on the generation ship can perform the more useful it will be. A generation ship would be too big to land on a planet. It would need to have smaller shuttles to move people from the generation ship to a planet surface. Once all the people have been moved to the surface, the shuttles could then be used as habitats for the new settlers.