Eposode 24: Goodbye, Yonadians!

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Captian Ishian: THank you so much for bringing us to our new home.
Granddaughter: Will we ever see you again?

Panel 2.
Alkina: There is always a chance.
Epo: Given the vastness of space, meeting again will most probably never happen.

Panel 3.
Alkina: But there is always a chance.
Granddaughter: Where will you go now?

Panel 4.
Alkina: I suppose we will resume our search for our homeworld.

Panel 5.
Epo: Are you ready to get underway?
Alkina: I suppose so, it’s time to leave.

Panel 6. 
Alkina: Well, what direction shall we go?
Epo: I am picking up a distress signal…locating its origin…

Hey, where’s my science?

Epo and Alkina helped the Yonadians settle on a habitable planet in a suitable solar system. They surveyed many planets in many solar systems to find a planet in a habitable zone with the right size and chemical composition, which would provide the Yonadians with the right environment and raw materials to help them survive and grow.

Now that this chapter of Epo and Alkina’s adventure is over, where will they go next? Who is the distress signal from? What about the error that almost caused Epo and the Yonadian generation ship to crash? Does it have to do with the virus that appeared earlier or the cause of their memory loss? Stay tuned to find out.