Eposode 84: Kidnapped!


Panel 1
Epo: I am picking up a strange reading.
Alkina: What is…

Panel 2
Alkina: …that?

Panel 3

Epo: It’s a worldship.
Alkina: Why weren’t you able to detect it before?
Epo: It must be highly advanced. That is the only explanation for my inability to detect it sooner.

Panel 4
Epo: It has locked onto us using some sort of energy field and is pulling us into it.

Panel 5
Alkina: Break free!
Epo: I can’t.

What does it mean?

Worldship – is a theoretical space craft that serves as the home to the civilization that inhabits it. It differs from a generation ship in that residents of a worldship are not necessarily looking for any planet on which to settle.