Special Edition: Most of the Universe

Comic Transcript

Panel 1.
Teacher: Class, today we’re going to start a new chapter in astronomy. But first I want to introduce our new Artificial Intelligence student; Epo.
Class: Hello.
Epo: Hello.

Teacher: Epo is the next generation of AI and is using evolutionary computing in classrooms to enhance its understanding.

Panel 2.
Teacher: To start our new chapter, we’re going to discuss what’s in the Universe. Can anyone tell me what most of the matter in the Universe is made of?
Teacher: Yes, Entoz.

Panel 3.
Entoz: Atoms!
Teacher: Not quite, but it does seem that way here in the classroom. Atoms, baryonic matter, seem to be everywhere to us, but are less common in the whole Universe.

Panel 4.
[Alkina raises her hand.]
Zadri: Do you know what it is, Alkina?
Alkina: I think so…

Panel 5.
Teacher: I’ll give you a hint, we know about it because of its gravity. Anyone else?

What does it mean?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a computer system that mimics human intelligence.

Baryonic matter – matter that is built out of groupings of three quarks, called baryons. The most common and stable baryons are the proton and neutron.

Evolutionary computing – a form of computer programming that mimics the adaptive abilities of species on a genetic level. The technique is used in problem solving and data correlation.

Gravity – is the universal force of attraction between all matter.

In human speak please!

Do you know what type of matter comprises most of the Universe? The Universe is a big place (the biggest place we can currently detect) and among all the stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, pulsars, gas and dust, one category of matter is more abundant than the rest. Submit your thoughts in the comments section.