Eposode 103: Let the search for Wosec begin

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Panel 1.
Alkina: OK, Epo, you investigate the temperature anomaly of the planet while I try to find Wosec.

Panel 2.
Epo: Where will you begin?
Alkina: I thought I would try a local university. Wosec might have visited one if he came to this planet.

Panel 3.
[On the planet in an office. RIA is tagging along.]
Alkina: Hello Professor, I am wondering if you can help me find someone.
Professor 1: What? Me? No. Go bug the professor down the corridor. She doesn’t do much around here anyway.

Panel 4.
[Alkina walking down the hall.]
Alkina: Epo, is the translation matrix working OK? The professors we talked to seemed offended.
Epo: The translation system is working fine.

Panel 5.
[Inside another office that is kinda messy. Professor seems to be female.]
Alkina: Excuse me, Professor?
Professor 2: Yes?

Panel 6.
Alkina: My name is Alkina. I am looking for a person called Wosec Godilhase.
[Epo interrupts.]
Epo: All done!

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