Eposode 53: Pirates?!


Panel 1.
Back onboard Epo.
Alkina: That was not very helpful. So, Jakor, where to?

Panel 2.
Jakor: I need to go to the Mirra Spaceport.
Alkina: Epo, please set a course to the coordinates provided by Jakor.

Panel 3.
Alkina: Wow, that is a beautiful stellar nursery! We should take a closer look.

Panel 4:
Jakor: No, no. That area is infested with space pirates. We should avoid it.
Alkina: Okay. Epo, continue on to Mirra.

Panel 5.
Alkina: Here we are.

What does it mean?

Stellar nurseries – Are giant molecular clouds in interstellar space where the abundance of hydrogen molecules (H2) is such that parts of the clouds collapse under their own gravity to form new stars.